Our Dental Imaging Techniques

When you visit our dentist, a major part of the first appointment is spent on taking tests and diagnosing dental problems that you might be experiencing. In most cases, the type of x-ray used can deliver instant results, making it convenient for the dentist to identify the problem and evaluate it immediately.

There are different types of x-rays available for dental imaging. Our dentist considers your particular situation in order to provide you with best possible outcome. Some x-ray techniques tend to be more appropriate than others based on the symptoms you have.

Digital X-Rays

Among the most commonly used dental imaging techniques, digital x-rays are useful as they do not expose you to as much radiation as film x-rays. The imaging results help our dentist identify any growths or abnormalities in the gums, teeth and enamel with ease.

 Modern technology not only makes your dental appointment shorter, it also allows our dentist to view the results immediately instead of having to wait hours or days.

Visit us and experience for yourself the benefits these technologies can provide!

If you have any questions regarding our dental imaging services or would like to come in for a consultation and quote, contact us today at 321-433-1022, to schedule an appointment. We have a wide range of procedures and treatments at your service.